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Pacesetter Academy
Pacesetter Academy

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About Us

Our Mission

To encourage young children to be the best they can be by engaging them in fun, hands-on learning experiences and rich play-based activities.

Our Vision

We provide age- appropriate learning experiences and activities that enable children to successfully develop their social/ emotional, cognitive, and physical skills that are necessary for school as well as for life. Children are engaged in many different ways to give each child an opportunity to discover their talents and individual abilities.

State Wide Recognized Curriculum

Our goal is to provide high quality early childhood education…We use HighScope Preschool Curriculum which is a reliable and effective research-based curriculum . The HighScope Curriculum integrates social-emotional learning content with other academic areas and gives children daily opportunities to practice life skills such as self-regulation and problem-solving .

Why Parents choose Pacesetter Academy?

Education Quality - VPK Readiness rate

The Office of Early Learning  granted PSA a 92/100 Kindergarten Readiness Rate. 

Dedicated Staff

Pacesetter Academy is staffed with well-qualified, passionate, dedicated and caring Teachers and Aids with expertise in child care and child development. They provide a welcoming learning environment that caters the needs of each child. All teachers and aids are CPR, First Aid, AED certified and FEMA trained.

Our Premises and Safety Features

PSA offers 10 Classrooms, a Gym, a Library, two playgrounds, a swimming pool and a Media Lab with a pool of computers and a HATCH Smart Board.

Regarding Safety and Security, PSA offers restricted access to the students area with fingerprint identification, only one access door, surveillance camera system, lock-down security classrooms doors and windows and trained personnel. 

Our Classrooms

First Steps - Infants

Our Infants and toddlers classroom was developed to provide safe opportunities for your child to explore their environment through play. Our teachers are always interacting with the children to encourage their cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development. Your child will learn to grasp toys, vocalize sounds, recognize pictures of familiar objects and acquire a variety of other skills. Throughout their day they will have many language experiences through play, singing and story time.

Cruisers - One's

Toddlers have many opportunities to physically explore their world inside the classroom and on the playground. They also begin more structured activities, such as Learning Centers and Circle Time. Your toddler will begin learning concepts of color and size, and will build their vocabulary.

Our staff understands the challenges that one-year-olds face in a social learning setting, and have experience in helping them adjust to the give and take of the classroom environment.

Explorers - Two's

During this stage of development your child is beginning to gain their independence. Our two year old program expands on the foundations established in the toddler program with more routine and structure to children’s activities and daily schedule. Within your child’s two year old classroom he/she will work on turn taking skills, making friends and developing language. Your child will begin circle time where they will focus on the weather, calendar, counting, ABC’s and singing songs. At this pivotal stage of development we will begin potty training your child. 

At this point, we introduce a Spanish-language program. Our daily activities continue to reinforce age-appropriate social development.

Challengers - Three's

Once your child is completely potty training he/she will be entering the three year old classroom. Your child will learn to recognize letters and some letter sounds, writing their name, add two groups of concrete objects by counting and begin to understand the concept of yesterday, today and tomorrow. All activities are designed to stimulate the brain; helping the children learn through their interests. 

Skills learned during this period include recognizing letter names, catching a bounced ball and beginning to understand the concept of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Discovery - VPK

Our VPK program is developed with a developmentally appropriate curriculum with a strong emphasis on early literacy skills. The Pre-K program teaches foundational skills derived from the Common Core State Standards.  Children learn letter-sound relationships, sight word recognition and basic mathematical functions. The Pre-K program also includes character education, physical fitness and Spanish.

Within the VPK school year your child will be introduced to writing, reading, colors, shapes, numbers and much more. All activities are hands on to encourage the students to use their creativity. 

Registration is opened for the 2018-2019 School year!!!

Pioneers - After School Program

Pacesetter Academy offers an after school enrichment program for school age children. Transportation is available where we pick up from the local public elementary schools. Pacesetter Academy offers a variety of after school activities. Examples may include gym, media, playground and homework help. 

Adventurous Stars - Summer Camp

Summer camp is a place for exploring, discovering, making new friends and maintaining skills taught throughout the school year. It all starts with our outstanding counselors, whose talent, creativity and leadership set the tone for a great experience. The children swim on a daily basis and private swimming lessons are available. 

Our camps feature a unique selection of indoor and outdoor activities and field trips that take advantage of resources in the local area.

FIELD TRIPS - Miami Metro Zoo, Miami Sea Aquarium, Lion Country Safari, Miami Marlins Stadium, Water parks, Wildlife Animal Show, Monkey Jungle, Off the Wall & many more...

ACTIVITIES – Carnival, Cooking, Water Play, Reading Clubs, Creative Arts, Swimming & many more...

Our Summer Camp is full of ...

Field Trips

Fun Activities

Arts & Crafts

Monthly Calendar and Menu

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Monday - Friday: 7:00am - 6:30pm

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