What is the teacher to student ratio per class?

The ratios below represent the State of Florida standard ratios; however, Pacesetter Academy strives to keep its teacher to student ratio lower than the following:

Age 1: 1 Teacher for Every 6 Students

Age 2: 1 Teacher for Every 11 Students

Age 3: 1 Teacher for Every 15 Students

Age 4+: 1 Teacher for Every 20 Students

VPK Hours: 1 Teacher for Every 11 Students

What is your uniform policy?

We are a uniform school. Uniform shirts are mandatory. Please see the front desk to order uniforms.

What is your drop-off time cutoff?

Students may not be dropped off after 9:30 AM without a doctor’s note. Class starts promptly at 9 AM.

How can I order lunch for my child?

We offer two types of tuition: with and without catered lunch. You may only change your tuition type 4 times per year. If you choose to order lunch, you must fill out a lunch form the Wednesday prior to the week you are ordering for. Lunch forms are located at the front desk. Please see the front desk for the pricing.

Do you offer part-time?

Currently, we only offer full-time schedules for our students.

How does nap time work?

Children nap for 2 hours every day. Pacesetter Academy provides the sleeping mats, which are numbered and belong to each individual child. Parents provide the bedding weekly by taking it home every Friday to wash and bringing it back on Monday. 

What can I expect academically?

At Pacesetter Academy, we use the High-Scope curriculum and follow the Florida Standards for each age group. Our lead teachers create their own weekly lesson plan and post it on the classroom wall.  Additionally, the daily classroom schedule is posted so that parents may view the different areas and activities that the lesson plan is completed within. Parents are encouraged to take a picture of the lesson plan to reinforce the lessons at home. Depending on the class, children will get homework. Homework is to be completed in a timely manner as directed by the teacher. Parents may request an assessment to be completed on their child at anytime by the child’s teacher. Pacesetter Academy cannot administer an assessment (unless a child is in VPK or ELC) without parental consent. 

What can I expect from the teachers?

The teachers at Pacesetter Academy have a wealth of experience and knowledge. Many have Early Childhood Education degrees or certifications and most have over a decade of experience. Pacesetter Academy teachers put your child first – they over-communicate and care for the children. They have all been trained in and practice the Positive Behavior Support method. Our teachers are required to complete continuing education annually and continue to improve with our on-site trainings. Our teachers are all CPR and First Aid certified, and they are trained on how to respond in the case of an emergency, so your child will always be safe. 

My child does not speak English. What should I do?

Children learn languages quickly and exposing them to the preschool environment early will allow them to learn not only from their teachers, but from their peers. Our teachers are trained to include every child in all activities regardless of any language barrier.

How does the teacher and administration communicate with me?

It is important that parents and caregivers check their child's cubby and the classroom's information board on a daily basis. Details about upcoming events, a child's progress in the classroom, daily activities and other vital information will be communicated through those means. If a parent has any concerns, he or she is more than welcome to call the school at any time during business hours to schedule a meeting with a particular staff member.

Pacesetter Academy has a Gym, Media Center and Pool. How often do the students visit these areas?

Gym: Our gym is open daily and is included in the curriculum for all students.

Media Center: Our media center is open daily and is included in the curriculum for students ages 2+.

Pool: Our pool is open Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Private swimming lessons are available year-round and group swimming lessons are included in tuition during our Summer Camp for students ages 3+.

Is there anything else I should know?

Pacesetter Academy provides children with 30 minutes a day of outdoor play. Please dress your child appropriately.

Additionally, from time to time, children may lose one of their belongings. Please do not send your child to school with anything of great value. Pacesetter Academy has a lost & found located near the front desk should the staff find an item out of place.